Welcome to Scandinavian Cake Show 2014!!



Agneta Olsson and staff invite you to the largest Cake Exhibition in Scandinavia.

1-2 February 2014


             OPENING HOURS: 

           Sat  1 Feb   10-17       

           Sun 2 Feb   10-16


Scandinavian Cake Show 2014 will be held at Club Evergreen Restaurant nearby Tårtdecors Shop in Kungälv, Sweden. To find out more about Club Evergreen - please press here. For map - press here.


During the exhibition there will be cakecompetition, free demonstrations, miniclasses, new products, new books, lots of cakes on display and a good oportunity to meet other "sugar addicted" people.

We are expecting visitors from all over Scandinavia - and you are more than welcome if you come from somewhere else.



Since 2003 Tårtdecor has arranged an annual Cake Exhibition that grows from year to year.

Because of Tårtdecors 10 years anniversary 2008 it has an official name - Scandinavian Cake Show - and is extended to a two-day Exhibition. From the Exhibition 2008 there are also competitions, miniclasses and more foreign demonstrators. From the Scandinavian Cake Show 2010 it will be held every second year.


To see pictures from earlier Cake Exhibitions - please click on the links below.

To continue - you just click on "Fortsättning" in the bottom of each page.


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- Join the competition with your cake!

The competition is open for all and every one that would like to compete with their cake.

It is free of charge but it is necessary to sign up for a place as the places are limited.

Please send us an e-mail at and you will have a confirmation if there is still place to join the competition.


There will be four categories:


* Category 1 -  Weddingcakes - Oriental Weddingcake

This year we want to see wedding cakes with an oriental theme. Maybe something original but it has to make you think about the Orient.


* Category 2 - Novelty cake - My Valentine

We want to see something for the Valentines Day. How you interpret the theme is your choice, but it has to make most people think about Valentines Day. It could be a modelled cake, painted cake, piped cake or made out of pastillage construction.


* Category 3 - Cupcakes - NEW! NEW!

​This category is free but it has to be CUPCAKES! It wont be judged buy the judges. The winner will be chosen of the votes of the visitors.


* Category 4 - Cake Pops - NEW! NEW!

This category is free but it has to be CAKEPOPS! It wont be judged by the judges. The winner bill be chosen of the votes of the visitors.


* Category 5 - The Teenage Category

If you are between 13-16 years you'll be able to compete in this category. It could be a fantasy cake of your choice. The winner in this category will not be judged by the jury. The winner will be the choice of the people.


* Category 6 - Childrens Category 

If you are up to 12 years you'll be able to compete in this category. It could be a fantasy cake of your choice. The winner in this cathegory will not be judged by the jury. The winner will be the choice of the people.



The Jury will consider the following aspects when judging:

- Technical perfection

- Harmony in colours and design

- Creativity and expression

- How good the cake suites the theme


When you make your cake you should consider that all used materials should be edible, exept of floralwire and floraltape for sugarflowers or similar. No floral wire have to be inserted to the cake. No non-edible top decorations are permitted.   Everything should be able to be done on a real cake and the display has to be decorated and treated as it was a real cake.


The bottom of the cake mustn´t be larger than 45 cm in diameter, if larger it will be disqualified. We suggest that you make a dummy cake as it has to be on display for two days. You must leave your cake at the exhibition latest Saturday morning the 1 of February at 9.00 am.  There is a possibility to leave the cake on Friday until 20.00 pm.  You can´t take it away earlier than 16.00 pm on Sunday afternoon. Cakes that are left in the show room after closing time won´t be stored. Don´t forget that you have to sign up for a place. Email us at    Very Welcome with your cake!


Winners from the latest Cake Show are not able to attend the Competition the following exhibition but will be invited to put a cake on display on the Table of Honour. After being among the winners three times it won´t be possible to attend the Competition any longer. But the winner is more than welcome to display a cake on the Table of Honour.




There will be two winners in wedding cake cathegory and also the novelty cake cathegory. One of the prices will be judged by a group of jury - Lindy Smith, Mark Tilling and Marion Frost . The other winners will be the choice of the people. It will be possible to vote until 12.00 on Sunday the 2 of February. The award ceremony takes place at 14.00.

The winners will receive a giftcard of SEK. 500:- from Tårtdecor and an Award certificate.


There will also be a 2nd and 3rd winner from the peoples choice in the 1st and 2nd cathegories. The award for theese winners is a free ticket to Scandinavian Cake Show 2016. There will also be possibility for the Jury to give some of the displays Highly Commended and Commended if the level of the work requires that. Theese winners will also receive free tickets to the Scandinavian Cake Show 2016


In the cupcake-, cakepop-, teenage- and childrens cathegory the winners are choosed by the peoples voice. The winners in each cathegory receive a giftgard of sek. 250:- from Tårtdecor, Kungälv and an award certificate.



Experienced sugarcrafters will be demonstrating 

We have the pleasure to welcome three experienced sugarcrafters to Scandinavian Cake Show,

Lindy Smith, Mark Tilling and Marion Frost from England.  They will be demonstrating

new products and teaching their skills in the miniclasses. So there will be opportunity for you to learn more. For more information about the miniclasses - please scroll down.



Miniclasses during Scandinavian Cake Show 2012

Take the opportunity to learn more. There are some interesting miniclasses during the Exhibition. The price is SEK. 495:-/class. To sign up for a class please see the link below the mini-class information.



Miniclass with Lindy Smith

Sat 1/2  at 10.30-12.30

Miniclass with Marion Frost

Sat 1/2 at 13.30-15.30


Miniclass with Mark Tilling

Sun 2/2  at 10.30-12.30




Accomodation in Kungälv

Nordiska Folkhögskolan - A good Bed & Breakfast - very popular among our students. You would need a car to stay here, or go by taxi.

Kungälvs Vandrarhem - The Youthhostel in Kungälv - very nice situated in front of the old fortress.

Hotell Fars hatt - This is the option for you that want to stay in a hotel.




As the Exhibition is held at the Club Evergreen Restaurang there will be possibilities for some food and drinks during the cake show.


Tourist in Kungälv

Kungälv is a nice tourist  place and there is a lot to see and do, for example a visit at famous Marstrand.

For more information about Kungälv - please click here.

For more information about Marstrand - please click here.

For more information about Gothenburg - please click here. 



To find Tårtdecors shop - Please click here!



To get in contact with us:

Tårtdecor Sverige AB

Solbräckegatan 31

442 45 KUNGÄLV, Sweden

Tel. +46 (0)303-514 70






To visit Tårtdecors web-site:









It´s no longer possible to buy tickets in advance. Only tickets at the door available.


Tickets at the door:

One day ticket: SEK. 95:-















Winners from Scandinavian Cake Show 2012:



Johanna Viberg


Marie Richter


Annelie Nilsson

Demonstrators and judges2014:




Lindy Smith, England



Mark Tilling, England


Marion Frost, England

Photo from Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine